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The Lattice3G (L3G) is Bitro’s newest and greatest version of the Lattice. Bitro’s original industry-leading Lattice matrix lighting system now includes optics to form an all-new product line that is more versatile than any of the previous generations. The optics of the L3G allow it to illuminate shallower cabinet depths with less LEDs, which provides for more cost savings and even easier installs. However, the benefits do not end there. The beam spread with optics technology allows for greater spacing tolerances between L3G columns/rows without the presence of shadowing. Optics even eliminates the presence of shadows due to center poles and other obstructions in many cases!
However, not everything has changed. The Lattice3G uses the same connector and wiring system as the previous 2G for familiarity and backward compatibility with all L2G accessories.
•    Newest Evolution to the Industry-Leading Lattice Product Family
•    Extreme Uniform Illumination / High Efficiency Light Output
•    Reliable and Predictable Lighting Results
•    Optics Technology for Shallower Depths and Versatile Installation Parameters
•    Powered by Top-Tier LED Chipset with LM80 Data
•    Familiar and Easy Labor-Saving Design
•    Added Reliability, Longevity, and Uniformity with Bitro’s Constant Current Technology
•    Bitro’s Thru-wire Interconnect Technology for Minimized Voltage Drops
•    Dry and Damp Location
•    Backed by 5-year Warranty
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